In my Math 136 class my teacher used technology in a very effective way and always kept my classmates and I engaged. During regular lecture hours he always used the smart board and any tools the board had to offer. Like the digital graphing calculator, if he was showing us how to do something on the calculator he pulled up a digital form of the calculator and actually used it on the smart board. The nice thing was the he explained how to do these things so we could figure it out in our own classroom. He also used slides on the smart board that were interactive. You could pull shapes, number lines, or graphs onto the slides to effectively show the topic of the class. He also used a program called GeoGebra. Since this class was based on geometry this program was extremely effective. We went into a lab every Friday and got to spend the whole class doing an activity. He would start out by showing us how exactly what do what the lab was asking then cut us lose to work on the lab. Maybe we have to make a triangle with an area of 12 square units or make a quadrilateral with all exactly congruent sides. I thought this was a great way to take advantage of technology and use it in a way to help students learn. 



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