Maps in an Elementary Classroom

 Link to free tech for teachers page – .Uwo87hasjwy

Link to Tom Barrett’s map page


Work Products in my Future Classroom

I really like the idea of doing a monthly podcast. This would be a great way to get the parents involved in their child’s school life without sending home the weekly newsletter. I want the students to be able to write, produce, and record the whole thing. I also want to be able to post this on a blog. So on top of doing podcasts every month, I would like to do a blog update about what is going on in the classroom a couple times a week. I want the parents to be involved and know what is going on, but also to showcase students’ work. Parents don’t get to see enough of their child’s work, and I can post anything on a blog, from their free writing to their artwork. Kids would love to have their work posted for everyone to see and being able to work on the blog and podcasts themselves. This can incorporate so many daily tasks that we need to cover, such as writing. I hope someday that I can incorporate this technology in an effective way in my future classroom.